Soccer Betting - Live your dreams..

live your dreams. low risk - huge profit

We have information of fixed football games every week.

Inside information available to sell. They are not a tip!
They 100% accurate info Huge profits can be made on via football betting..

Coming up.. (updated reguarly)
SECRETbetween 5-25700 EUR
2016-12-09between 2-3300 EUR
2016-12-09between 1.6-2100 EUR
2016-12-10between 2-3300 EUR
2016-12-10between 2-3300 EUR
2016-12-11between 1.6-297 EUR
2016-12-12between 3-3.5350 EUR
2016-12-12between 3-4400 EUR
2016-12-13between 1.6-297 EUR

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Are you guys legit?

Well, we guess a simple 'yes' won't satisfy you. We're no teenagers here, as we stated 5 lines above lot of national connections. We know our prices are a bit higher than 'usual', but there is a price if you don't want to be scammed.

How can i pay?

We only accept Bitcoins. Please contact us for more details

How many games do you release ??

You can expect between 1-2 games / day.
maximum 7-10 games / week.
Or sometimes nothing.

So, Why we selling?

Simple - Because worth it. We play theese match too.


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